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Stopping off at the library today before heading home, I watched a perfectly able-bodied woman with no handicapped tags on her car take the library's lone handicapped spot. She looked around with an angry look on her face to see if anyone noticed, and then marched her able-bodied self into the building. √Čiden and I followed after with our books to return, and inside the library I approached her, asking if she had handicapped tags.

"No!" she snapped hostilely.

"Well my wife is handicapped," I said, "and when you park in the--"

"I don't care," she spit out and pushed past me.

I stepped back around in front of her and went on.

"I was saying that my wife is handicapped, and when you park in handicapped parking without tags you're taking a spot away from people like her."

"So what? I'm handicapped!" she lied, as she shoved me aside.

That's when the security guard stepped in. Oh, not to tell her to get her car out of the handicapped spot, but to lecture me about how I shouldn't talk to people about things like that, that I put my hands on the woman (which I didn't), that the woman had to shove me because I got up in her face, that I shouldn't have approached her because she's a woman, and that I "have a problem" because my wife was currently there and didn't need the handicapped spot. When I pointed out how while he was busy lecturing me, the woman parked illegally was busy parking illegally without any repurcussions.

"That's because I have to deal with you," he answered.

Afterwards I talked to one of the librarians on duty (who didn't think I'd done anything wrong in approaching the woman) and she gave me the phone number of the head librarian, telling me he's the one in charge of the security guards.

It's over an hour since the incident and I still feel shaken up and angry. And I know that next time I go to the library, I'm going to feel uncomfortable and nervous, especially when I see that security guard again. I'd like to think that something good might come out of this, like maybe the woman who parked illegally will think twice about it next time because she doesn't want to risk another confrontation, but I really think thats just wishful thinking.
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Just because I am standing in the dog food aisle of a pet food store does not mean that I enjoy having your dog shove his nose up my ass and in my crotch.
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So I walked up to the pharmacy desk at Target to pick up two prescriptions that were supposed to be waiting for me. I was also planning on buying two other items -- a lock and a pack of dental floss. I get to the desk and the girl behind the counter can find one of the prescriptions but not the other.

"Let me see what's going on with this," she says.

So we wait. And wait. And wait. Over fifteen minutes later she tells me that for some reason the prescription didn't go through (and rather than try again two days ago when I called it in, they just let it sit).

"It's going to take at least twenty-five minutes to fill it," the girl tells me.

"Fine," I say. "I'll just come back and pick it up later today."

So the girl rings up the prescription that is ready but doesn't ring up the other two items that I have put down in front of her on the counter.

"Can you ring these up, too?" I ask.

"No!" she almost shouts. "I already rang these meds up and there's a line!"

So even though I waited close to twenty minutes already to find out that the prescription I called in three days ago wasn't ready, I still have to wait in another line at the front of the store because the girl at the pharmacy doesn't want to make the people in line behind me wait an extra minute while she rings up to items. Sheesh.
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1. Everyone in Upstate New York is inbred. Everyone. Especially people from Rochester. Also, people from the Dakotas, but most especially North Dakota. And West Virginia. And all of Scandinavia. with all those fiords.

2. The Roman Empire split into two empires -- the Holy Roman Empire and the Western Roman Empire. Then all that was left of the Roman Empire was the Holy Roman Empire until the Roman Empire dwindled to encompass just a small part of Germany. After that, because the Popes were trying to control everyone through the Holy Roman Empire, Martin Luther started the Reformation. This led to the final downfall of the Roman Empire.

3. That (the Reformation) happened around 1759 when it started the French Revolution. But it didn't really succeed in changing anything.

4. Lucy (the Australopithecus afarensis fossil found in Africa) is not the name given to an actual fossil, but is instead something symbolic. Also, Lucy is 300 million years old. But there's another fossil even older than the symbolic Lucy, and that fossil is the fossil of a neanderthal.

Of course I can't be sure, but I think these guys may have been from Upstate New York. Or maybe they're just Scandinavian.
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Why is it that people think just because they're at a horror movie, it's okay to talk whenever they want about whatever they want. Last night, I went to see Drag Me to Hell (which was very good, by the way), and my friend and I seemed to be the only two people not having a conversation, and I'm not just talking about talking to the screen or announcing to the theater the blatantly obvious such as "It's coming up the stairs!" (of which there was definitely a lot of). I'm talking about conversations that had absolutely nothing to do with the movie. Here's a sample:

"So when did you change your hair color?"

"I didn't -- it's always been like this."

"Really? I like it, but I swear it used to be a different color."

This was not at the beginning of the film, as the credits were rolling. This was halfway through the damn thing.

I have to say, the best experience I ever had at a theater watching a horror movie was when I saw 28 Days Later and I was the only person in the entire theater because I was at a 1:15 screening on a Tuesday afternoon. I really need to find a way to get to more of those.
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Going out for your first bike ride of the year in 92+ degree heat while towing about a hundred pounds of kids behind you.

It didn't help that my brain decided it should play Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop" for the entire duration of the ride.

Or that every time I slowed or stopped pedaling, two tiny voices would shout, in chorus, "Faster!" or "Start pedaling!"
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I just spent $25 on a floor lamp. What did I do when I brought it home? Put it together and immediately broke it.
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No longer will we have to call this man the president of our country. Thank god.

He was good for a few laughs, though -- wasn't he?
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I  have no idea why but I get this really perverse, mean-spirited sense of delight every time I see the children of patchouli-wearin', crunchy-granola-eatin', peace-n-love, hippie-dippy parents shooting each other with pretend guns.


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