Sep. 27th, 2009 04:19 pm
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After progressively feeling better over the past few days, I'm now back to feeling feverish again. This really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really sucks.


Sep. 23rd, 2009 02:14 pm
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Yesterday the doctor gave me an albuterol inhaler (the same kind that you would use if you had asthma) because he heard a wheezing in my chest when I coughed. Today I realized it has the same after-affects as inhaling nitrous oxide -- a headache and an odd sensation in my chest -- without any of the fun aspects of nitrous.
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Today I finally went to the clinic to find out why I've been sick for the past eighteen days. At the receptionist's desk, the woman behind it asked me to wear a mask since I'd called in saying I had flu-like symptoms. I could understand that. It was how she and the nurse treated me after that I thought was uncalled for.

Even after I put on the mask, the receptionist stared at me with what I could only describe as fear. She even told me to take care of the co-pay after the appointment just to get me away from her desk. I could almost see her breathe a sigh of relief as I walked away.

The nurse was no better. She called me to the back, mispronouncing my name, which happens all the time. I cheerfully corrected her like I always do and instead of apologizing or making some sort of pleasantry, she stood as far away from me as she could and brusquely said, "okay." Then she took my weight, whisked me in the exam room (all while keeping as much distance as possible between the two of us), and then quickly left. When she came back to take my temp and blood pressure, she was wearing a mask, even though I still had mine on. As she took my vitals she practically cringed when she had to touch me. Then she raced away as soon as she could as if I were emitting visible waves of radiation and disease.

The doctor, on the other hand, was quite nice. But the rest of the experience left me feeling something much less than human.
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For the past days I've been sleeping horribly, so I bought a new pillow and pad for our bed thinking it would help. It did, but unfortunately, I woke up with one of the worst migraines I've had in recent memory. After two maxalts, four advil, several hours of sleep and a few more hours awake, the pain finally went away, but I've been in a fog the entire day. I'm just looking forward to tucking the boys in bed, sitting up for maybe an hour more, and then going back to sleep.
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I woke up at 5:50 this morning with a migraine, so I climbed out of bed and took my meds. The meds work well, which means I no longer have the pain, but now I'm completely wiped. I dropped both boys off at Éiden's preschool this morning and then tried to write but I couldn't think at all. Lately, that's been happening a lot with my migraines. Words start to escape me and it will take longer than usual for me to process what people say or what's happening around me. Today, I'm even having some motor trouble (my fingers are not functioning properly which means that as I've typed this, I've had to go back repeatedly and fix the numerous typos because my fingers keep hitting the wrong keys). I hate days like this. I feel like a zombie. I'm exhausted, but I'm unable to sleep. I feel like I'm just sitting here, waiting for the day to end and it's only 11:53 in the morning. Thankfully, [ profile] haddayr is home from work today so she was able to pick up Arie and Éiden and I don't have to be "on" when they get home. I can just go lay down and stare at the wall or ceiling. I'm grateful that I have meds now (I sometimes wonder how I was able to manage without them) but I'm still sick and tired of getting all these damn migraines and losing entire days at a time to them.
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For nearly the past two weeks I've had a fairly hideous cold and then an even more hideous stomach flu (that just won't go away) which is why I really haven't been posting or reading anyone's journals. It's gotten to the point now, where I am starting to forget what it ever felt like to be well. On top of the illness, my body has decided for whatever reason that it should start cooking up a new migraine every other day so that on the days I get to sleep in for an extra half-hour because [ profile] haddayr is taking care of the boys, I can't since I'm instead lying in bed thinking my head might burst. Due to illness and migraines, I've missed about a week and a half of writing. I just hope I'm feeling better soon.
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I've been up for the past three nights with Éiden who has been waking up coughing. So far, I've put a vaporizer next to his bed and have poured camphor oil into it to help him breathe better. I've also tried giving him honey (which has worked wonders in the past) and dark chocolate (which has also helped somewhat but not as much as the honey). Unfortunately, while these have all helped to some extent, Éiden is still spending a good portion of the night coughing.

Does anyone have any other cough remedies they've found success with? I'm trying to keep away from cough syrups since they don't work any better than what I've already tried and the kids seem to wake up groggy and unrested in the morning after I've given it to them.
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I've had a migraine nearly every day for the last week and a half (sometimes two a day).  Today I thought I was finally out of the woods but Arie (who has the day off today) and  Éiden have been jumping and running throughout  the house almost non-stop and each jump has felt like I'm being slapped upside the head with a large bag of wet sand.  Never a good sign, and a pretty good indication that I've got a new migraine brewing.
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I have had a migraine every day for the past week and I am sick of it.


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