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It's warm today (in the 30's) so when Arie got home from school I sent him and his brother out to play in the backyard. Unfortunately, to them "playing" meant yelling and screaming viciously at one another until I told them if I saw one more fight going on they'd have to come in.

"But Daddy!" Arie shouted. "We're having fun!"

The "fun" lasted a couple more minutes until Arie screamed at his brother that he was going to punch him hard. Then I brought Arie in and sent him up to his room (loudly complaining about the unfairness of life, the universe and fathers) and left Éiden outside where he now sits in front of the window crying because the brother who was beating on him is now inside and unable to "play."

God, I love days like this.
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It looks like you can buy a World Championship after all.
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Who knew you could transcribe a Hüsker song so that it sounded like something you might hear in your dentist's waiting room? Or worse, the New Age Spiritual Guidance Center?

(For a reference point, here's the original song, about 3:13 into the clip)
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For the past days I've been sleeping horribly, so I bought a new pillow and pad for our bed thinking it would help. It did, but unfortunately, I woke up with one of the worst migraines I've had in recent memory. After two maxalts, four advil, several hours of sleep and a few more hours awake, the pain finally went away, but I've been in a fog the entire day. I'm just looking forward to tucking the boys in bed, sitting up for maybe an hour more, and then going back to sleep.


May. 16th, 2009 11:45 am
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After you get your money at a drive-through ATM, do you:

A) Quickly drive off so the next person can use it?

B) Sit and count all your money, then slowly place it in your wallet or purse while a line of cars builds behind you?

or C) Get out of your car and urinate on the ATM?

If you picked C, you are apparently not alone, as this is what the otherwise normal-looking middle-aged gentleman did at the ATM on Nicollet and Blaisdale last night.
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Along with the smell of thawing dog crap.
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This is the non-gross part:

I bought a new backpack yesterday for Arie since the one I'd gotten for him last month was a piece of crap and, even though it had an image of Superman on it, it fell apart, thus failing to live up to the reputation of the Man of Steel. I couldn't find another Superman backpack like Arie had requested, so I got a Batman one instead. Unfortunately, it too started tearing at the seam this morning so I had to return it, which meant I needed the receipt.

Now this is where it starts to get nasty . . . )


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