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Top 5 Favorite Toys

1.  Mego Superheroes
By far the toys I played with most during my childhood.  Most of them had lost legs, capes, boots, gloves, and even costumes long ago but I still loved them n spite of their pathetic state.  For whatever reason, almost all of the stories I created with them involved one of them dying and the rest of the superheroes trying to figure out which one of them was the murderer.

2.  U.S.S. Enterprise playset
Kirk's bridge chair was cool and the bridge furniture, as was the fact that you could use the playset as a carrying case for all your toys.  But, by far, the most amazing thing about this toy was the transporter -- strap any 8" doll into it, give it a spin, then press a button and watch it stop on a dime just like magic. Thirty years later, I can still remember the thrill of watching that transporter whirl.

3.  Steve Austin:  The Six Million Dollar Man
Push a button on the back and you could crank his bionic arm over his head.  Look through the back of his head and you could gaze through Steve Austin's bionic eye.  Roll the skin on his bionic arm back and you revealed all the bionic chips (that you could remove and lose moments later!).  And he could kick Mod Hair Ken's sorry ass in a heartbeat.

4.  Mod Hair Ken
With his hair sticking straight up in the air, how could he not be a loser?  Technically he was my sister's doll, but I probably playd with him just as much as she did.  In the Ken universe my sister and I created, Mod Hair Ken was a polygamist who kept a harem of Barbies at his beck and call (he later tried unsuccessfully to bring Princess Lea and Dorothy Hamill into his fold).  Ken routinely had coniption fits in which he announce he was about to die, then  dramatically call out  the name of  Connecticut's governor, Ella Grasso.  When my sister got Superstar Ken for Christmas, she promised that he was going to be a good Ken.  That lasted all of one day when Superstar Ken discovered he was Mod Hair Ken's idiot son.

5.  Hugo, Man of a Thousand Faces
I didn't discover this toy until I was in high school when my father's then wife brought a bunch of her old childhood toys to his house.  Seeing this freakish bald guy, I swiped him, and my friend and I made him a star of our dumb movies (we even wrote a song about him).   With the camera rolling, we squashed Hugo's head, subjected him to alien death rays, played the drums with him, threw him from one end of the basement to the other, and even (much to [livejournal.com profile] haddayr 's disgust) licked his head.  If you want, you too can play Hugo.  

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Today was Arie's birthday party and one of the kids game him a blowdart gun that shoots foam darts (and is pretty damn accurate to boot). I know I should probably be thinking "but it's a gun" and wish that the kid hadn't given it to him, but Goddamn is that thing fun. Really. I only got to use it one time and already I'm thinking of how I can get it away from him. There is seriously something insanely satisfying about blowing air through a tube as hard as you can and not even being able to see the dart fly out until it's hit its target because it's going so fast. I want to have one for myself so I can sneak around the house, hunting down the cats and the dog with it. Or else I could sit with my feet up on the couch and any time the boys started bickering with each other, I'd blast 'em with my dart gun. Now if I could only add some sort of tranquilizer to the suction cup, then I'd have the ultimate parenting tool. Oh well, I can dream (and eventually he'll grow bored with it -- then it's mine!).
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Let's decompose & enjoy assembling.

Easy though it into the floor have fun.

[there is no 1.]
Hold A1 hand.
Put A2 and A3 on both side of A1.

Slide B1 and B2 on both side of A2 & A3.

Slide C1 for the side of B1 though the side of B2.

The instructions come accompanied with illustrations in which each part looks exactly like the other.
And none of the parts are actually labeled so there is no way to know the difference between A1, B1, or C1.
Sound like fun?  Good!
Now let's decompose!
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Just wondering if anyone else knows of Hugo:  The Man of a Thousand Faces.

Feel like playing with a Virtual Hugo?


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