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Stopping off at the library today before heading home, I watched a perfectly able-bodied woman with no handicapped tags on her car take the library's lone handicapped spot. She looked around with an angry look on her face to see if anyone noticed, and then marched her able-bodied self into the building. √Čiden and I followed after with our books to return, and inside the library I approached her, asking if she had handicapped tags.

"No!" she snapped hostilely.

"Well my wife is handicapped," I said, "and when you park in the--"

"I don't care," she spit out and pushed past me.

I stepped back around in front of her and went on.

"I was saying that my wife is handicapped, and when you park in handicapped parking without tags you're taking a spot away from people like her."

"So what? I'm handicapped!" she lied, as she shoved me aside.

That's when the security guard stepped in. Oh, not to tell her to get her car out of the handicapped spot, but to lecture me about how I shouldn't talk to people about things like that, that I put my hands on the woman (which I didn't), that the woman had to shove me because I got up in her face, that I shouldn't have approached her because she's a woman, and that I "have a problem" because my wife was currently there and didn't need the handicapped spot. When I pointed out how while he was busy lecturing me, the woman parked illegally was busy parking illegally without any repurcussions.

"That's because I have to deal with you," he answered.

Afterwards I talked to one of the librarians on duty (who didn't think I'd done anything wrong in approaching the woman) and she gave me the phone number of the head librarian, telling me he's the one in charge of the security guards.

It's over an hour since the incident and I still feel shaken up and angry. And I know that next time I go to the library, I'm going to feel uncomfortable and nervous, especially when I see that security guard again. I'd like to think that something good might come out of this, like maybe the woman who parked illegally will think twice about it next time because she doesn't want to risk another confrontation, but I really think thats just wishful thinking.
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So the neighbor who physically attacked me about five years ago has decided that he's moving back in next door after a four year absence. Needless to say, I am not at all happy about this development.
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Why is it the only time I ever see the local news in our neighborhood is when there's been a crime committed, yet whenever we have the May Day Parade or the Powderhorn Art Fair or Fourth of July fireworks they're suspiciously absent?
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About two years ago while heading into the grocery store, I was a approached by a man who looked hot, tired, and panicked. In his hand was a red plastic gas can.

"I'm so sorry to bother you," he said, sounding out of breath. "But my wife just went into labor at Regents Hospital and my van ran out of gas over there on Lake Street."

He pointed to an old tan and brown minivan from the early nineties.

"It's our first baby and I can't believe this happened -- I-I've never run out of gas before -- and I don't have any money. I just need enough to get over to the hospital. Please, if you could just help me out, I'd really appreciate it."

I usually ignore these stories, but there was something about this man and his behavior that made me think he was telling the truth. He was a Black man who looked to be about my age and he had a good, honest smile. And I thought about how I would have felt had the situation been reversed. If it had been my first child, I thought, and I'd run out of gas, I would have looked and sounded just like him. So I gave him the twenty dollar bill I had in my pocket and after thanking me profusely, he rushed off in the direction of the gas station with his red, plastic gas can.

I watched him disappear between the cars in the parking lot and without his bright earnest face before me, I wondered if I'd been taken. Still, I thought, maybe I hadn't, and I'd really helped the guy out.

Today, as I got out the car at another grocery store with the boys in tow, there he was.

"Excuse me," he said, looking hot, tired, and panicked, but without a gas can. "My wife just went into labor at Regents Hospital and I was wondering if you could help me."

"No. I can't help you at all," I said.

I looked at that smiling face, which suddenly looked a little scared.

"Yeah, okay," he said, and rushed off looking for another mark.

I turned away, pissed off at myself both for letting him con me two years earlier and for not saying something when he'd approached me with the same con. "She's in labor and you ran out of gas again?" I told myself I should have said. But I hadn't. Instead, I walked through Aldi, feeling like an idiot for being taken by the guy. But his eyes -- his eyes and his smile, they looked so honest and earnest. And as I drove away, looking to see if he was in the parking lot so I could say something, I cursed him for using that honest face to take advantage of other people.
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And seriously pissed off.

Almost a week and a half ago, I called my son's doctor to get a refill for his Adderall prescription. Because it is a controlled substance, I have to bring the actual hard-copy of the prescription to the pharmacy, so I've been waiting for it to arrive in the mail. By this past Friday, a full week after I'd originally called in the request, I still hadn't gotten the prescription, so I called the woman in charge of refills again, explaining I only had three days left of meds for my son. She called back that afternoon and said she'd mailed it out on Wednesday.

It is now Monday afternoon, and I still don't have the prescription because the woman, in all likelihood, it was never mailed out at all. I have now put in two calls to her, once on Saturday so she'd hear the message first thing this morning, and again this morning. She has not called back so I've placed an angry call with the doctor's nurse explaining my situation.

This is not the first time something like this has happened with the medication refills that originate out of this woman's office, though it is the first time it's happened with the Adderall. In fact, every time but one that our pharmacy has faxed in a refill request, it has gone unanswered as my son's med supply steadily dwindles, and they've had to fax two or three times more (in addition to my own phone calls) to get the woman to actually do the job she's paid for.

I am seriously fucking pissed off today. √Čiden is home from school with a high fever and because of this woman's laziness, I now have to cart him out in the cold rain, drive to the University, find parking, pick up the damn refill that should have been here last week, head out to Target pharmacy, wait twenty minutes to an hour for them to refill it and be back home by 3:30 so I can get Arie when the bus drops him off at home and take him to his 4:00 appointment. And, right now, it's 12:50. This is absolute, fucking bullshit.

ETA: I just got off the phone with the woman's supervisor who not only apologized for all of this, but said that either she or someone else would be waiting for me at the front door so that I don't have to find parking and traipse my sick son through the rain, for which I am immensely grateful.
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I really don't know what to say about this idiot, Michael Savage.  He's a symptom of why talk radio is so horrible.  He's given a soapbox to air inflammatory comments regardless of their validity and he's given the ability to silence any dissenting opinions (either not taking calls from people who disagree, not booking guest who are experts in that area that he's mouthed off about and could provide a counterpoint, or silencing them when he actually does have them on his show by using a mute button).  What I think is worse than him, though, are the bigger idiots who eat this up as if it were news and take his, and other talk show pundits', word as gospel.  The whole lot of them really are a sad statement about the level of discourse in this country.
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Sadly, it was not at all true, my asswipe neighbor's canoe is still very much in his possession, having been kindly been placed into his garage by one of the residents in the condo which was formerly his four-plex.  I know this because he was over in the yard next door, skulking about and then finally pulled the canoe out to show to someone interested in buying it.

Steve has owned the building next to us since about a month before we bought our house ten years ago.  Over the ensuing years he has, among other things, wandered vaguely through our yard in the guise of projects on his own residence, allowed his dog to roam unhindered into our lawn where he would frequently take large gooey craps which Steve would conveniently not notice (both of these were put to a stop about three years into our residence here when we put up fences for the sole purpose of keeping Steve out), planted raspberries on our property after we had expressly asked him not to and then become offended when we dug them up and gave them back, filled a hole around a stump I was in the process of digging out with the left over concrete from his driveway, instructed workers cover our back fence with over a foot of dirt and old broken up concrete when he had yet another driveway put in (and yes, his plan was to leave the debris there permanently because, as he told me, he thought I'd like it there), and finally physically assaulted me when I returned said debris to his new driveway after a week had gone by and it was still in my yard.  Since then I do not talk to Steve.  I do not look at Steve.  I do not even acknowledge that Steve is there.  Even when he has tried to talk to me, sometimes even yelling.  That does not mean that Steve is not there, however, and it doesn't mean that he is not watching me.

Two years ago he decided to turn his four-plex into condos and sell the units off one by one.  At this point, three are sold and the one which he still owns, is rented out to a very nice couple.  All the people who live there, in fact, are very nice.  Steve, though, is not, and even though he does not live there, he is often found skulking about the property, darting through the breezeway between our houses, creepily moving here and there under the guise of doing who the hell really knows (I guess it's yard work but it's never anything that needs to be done since the people who live there take care of the yard themselves).

I am so tired of feeling watched in my yard.  Uncomfortable to be outside with my children.  I have no idea why he keeps returning to this place but I just hope the day comes soon (it's at least a year away, and maybe longer) that he finally gets around to selling that last unit and is out of our lives forever.  Every time[livejournal.com profile] haddayr sees him she thinks to herself (and maybe I'm paraphrasing it, if so, I'm sorry), "May you go never to return."  It's a great sentiment, regarding Steve.  I just wish he'd hurry up and do it, already.


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