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Last week while towing the boys, I was passed by nearly everyone on the Greenway. Today as I was towing √Čiden, I pulled away from a couple of twenty-something, hardcore cycling-dudes while heading up a steep hill. Then on the down-slope and a straightaway, I left them even further behind until they finally disappeared from my view.
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Going out for your first bike ride of the year in 92+ degree heat while towing about a hundred pounds of kids behind you.

It didn't help that my brain decided it should play Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop" for the entire duration of the ride.

Or that every time I slowed or stopped pedaling, two tiny voices would shout, in chorus, "Faster!" or "Start pedaling!"
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how crappy I can feel after exercising, but how amazing I can feel the next day.
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I forgot how much my ass hurts after riding my bike.
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I took Arie and Éiden out in the bike trailer yesterday to the library and they both seemed to enjoy it with only a minimal amount of complaining about the proximity to one another (it's quite a tight fit for two kids).  I also took Arie to his swimming lesson in the trailer last night and Éiden for a ride on the Greenway.  At one point this afternoon, I poorly navigated a cutout and the right wheel of the trailer hit a ditch and then bounced back up.  I looked back to ask Éiden if he was alright to see him sitting in the trailer with a huge grin and trying to make the trailer rock again.  "This is fun!" he called out.

As for myself, I found that, though I'm out of shape, I'm not nearly as out of shape as I thought I'd be, though I certainly had my work cut out for me today.  There is a seriously strong headwind blowing through Minneapolis.  So strong, in fact, that head downhill into the wind, I actually had to pedal kind of hard to keep the bike moving at any sort of reasonable speed.  It's also starting to get rather warm here.  I'm looking forward to the storms that are supposed to blow this weather out and bring in some cool air (though I really can't complain -- this is maybe the third day of the year that we've had temps in the 90's).
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In an effort to save gas as well as try to get back into some sort of cycling shape (though I spent all last summer training for a triathlon which I did complete, I have yet to swim even a yard, run more than a couple feet or even get on a bicycle this summer) I bought one of those bike trailers for the kids to ride in as we run our various errands.  Hopefully, now, the two of them won't kill each other packed next to one another in those tiny seats.


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