Mar. 4th, 2010 11:09 am
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You are a huge Hüsker Dü fan and you've literally been dreaming of their reunion for years. You go to see Bob Mould with your friend, a fellow Hüsker fanatic, and when Bob comes out for an encore, he steps out onto the stage with Greg Norton and Grant Hart. The three of them begin plugging in instruments and you and your friend grin at each other from ear to ear because the two of you are both there to witness this event. The Greg sits behind the drum kit, Bob and Grant both pick up microphones, and they start to sing Broadway show tunes. That was my dream last night.
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This morning I dreamt that it was Christmas and we'd completely forgotten about it. Or I should say, [ profile] haddayr and I forgot about it because the kids hadn't. We hadn't gotten a tree, we hadn't bought a single present, I hadn't made anything for dinner, but there it was, Christmas morning. Haddayr was at work and I was downstairs while the boys were waking up and I was quickly shoving as much stuff as I could find around the house into the boys stockings -- stale hard candies, baking chocolate, old cherry tomatoes that had seen better days. As I shoved the last of the items in, I could hear the boys' excited footsteps coming down the stairs, and I wondered how I was going to explain the absence of a tree and the lack of gifts.
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Last night I dreamt that I was helping Luis Buñuel make a movie. He was filming in my grandparent's house which, in the dream was actually three stories tall. The kitchen was their kitchen, and the living room was theirs as well, but the upstairs was the entrance to a large twenties style hotel with dual staircases leading up to a balcony. The third floor was sometimes the street or sometimes a field.

I was working as some sort of camera technician or production assistant and the two of us were trying to film a shot of a large, gold cymbal that he'd placed on the floor of my grandparents' kitchen and propped up againt a wooden step ladder. It was the circles on the top of the cymbal that Buñuel was interested in, as he felt they had something to do with the golden sun. When we'd finished the shot, he was pleased and I wanted desperately for him to like me and think I was doing a good job.

When we were done, we walked through the house and travelled up to the third floor looking for another set or another shot. Buñuel stared intensely at everything he saw with his large, bulging eyes, and he walked slightly hunched since his sciatica was bothering him.
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One of my recurring dreams is that Hüsker Dü finally reunites for one show and I forget to buy tickets for it or else I buy the tickets but then forget to actually go. This sort of happened in real life back in 2003 or 2004 when I passed up on a chance to go see the Karl Mueller benefit concert (for the bassist of Soul Asylum who was dying of cancer) because I'd already seen most of the bands on the bill. What I didn't know, however, was that Bob Mould and Grant Hart would end up playing two songs together. The next week when I saw it in the paper, I kicked myself.

Anyway, I haven't had that dream in a while until a few days ago when I dreamt that I actually remembered to go to the concert. Then last night, I dreamt that Grant Hart asked my high school band to open up for him and then before the show he gave me a pep talk after telling me how excited he was that I was opening for him. Apparently, I'm obsessed with Hüsker Dü.


Jun. 6th, 2008 10:49 am
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I very rarely have dreams that I remember now.  Maybe it's that I'm not sleeping that well or that I'm just getting older.  The ones I do remember tend to be those long drawn out anxiety type dreams where I'm trying to get someplace or organize something or they're just dreams where nothing really happens.  Last night though, I had two rather involved dreams.  The first was where [ profile] haddayr and the boys and I were invited to Thanksgiving dinner at the house of a former high school classmate.  The two of us never liked each other (in fact, I suspect that LIz hated me quite a lot.  As for me, I was never her biggest fan) but for some reason we went and we all had a great time.  When it came time to leave, Liz said goodbye to everyone with a smile and a hug but was very cold with me, giving me a stern frown and putting out her hand to shake, clearly unhappy that I had enjoyed myself as that was not the intended consequence she had had in mind when she'd invited us.

Afterwards, apart from the family, I had to get back to some rendezvous point.  To get there, I sat down on this plywood platform with a bucket seat that had a lever to raise the vehicle up from the ground and a wheel with which to steer it.  In order to get the vehicle to fly, though, you had to believe that it could -- there was no propulsion system other than your belief and wishes.  I thought about the plywood lifting up off the ground and it did a little, after which, I pulled back the lever to get it to rise further into the air, then I thought about it flying forward and it did.  I cruised along above a road that I had driven earlier, watching the cars, careering past treeless mountains and over treeless plains, a  landscape very similar to the Scottish highlands.  It was exhilarating, my windless journey, the earth racing past as I flew through the sky propelled only by my thoughts and imagination.   As I flew, I saw many biplanes.  There was some sort of show going on and pilots from all over had brought their biplanes to fly and show off.  Seeing them, I thought how Arie and Éiden would love to see them and thought about telling them later when I met up with them.  At one point, I was worried that I had lost my way, but I hadn't and eventually landed at my destination.  Once there, the whole family was going to fly in these contraptions but we never got to as I woke up from the dream.


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