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We've just put up another teaser that I thought I'd share here as well. This clip has bits with Ira Robbins (of Trouser Press), musicians Dave Minehan and Jesse Malin, and George Skaubitis, a former Warners radio promoter. Enjoy!

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Ok, here's the deal -- I really hate asking for money but I'm going to do it anyway because it's for a movie I'm working on. So, if you're a fan of the Replacements or if you just like the idea of supporting indie filmmaking we've got a Kickstarter page for Color Me Obsessed that has been raising money for the movie over the past month and a half or so and it's only got 5 more days to go.

For thirty bucks you can get a DVD of the film a year before anyone else and see your name in the credits. For fifty you get the same along with a poster and for a hundred you get the DVD, your name in the credits, the poster and Color Me Obsessed T-shirt. You can also give more and see your name under the title Associate or Executive Producer, depending on the the amount.

Whatever we raise will help with travel expenses for when the crew comes out to Minneapolis so we're hoping to get enough to at least cover the trip (as for salaries, we're all working for free unless the movie makes any money, in which case we all get a percentage). If you'd like more information you can check out the official website, which has links to our blog and our Facebook page (as well as a link to a video tease of one of our first interviews).

And if you'd like to help us out, here's the Kickstarter page.

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In case anyone is interested, I've started another blog as part of my work on Color Me Obsessed, The Potentially True Story of The Replacements. It's new and only has two entries so far, but I'll be updating it on a regular basis from here on out. Today's entry is just an update regarding pre-production (and fundraising -- we've surpassed the 1K mark!), but in the next one I'll be giving quick profiles of the three interviews we're doing in NYC this Sunday (one of them is Jack Rabid, editor and publisher of The Big Takeover). Anyway, here's the link. I promise I'll do my best to keep it both entertaining and educational.

ETA: If you, dear reader, by any chance have your own Replacements story to tell and have no fear of telling it in front of a camera, feel free to shoot an email with the details to colormeobsessed@gmail.com.


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