Jan. 29th, 2011

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A Song I Wish I Heard On the Radio

Back in late 1984 or early 1985, there was a song called "Butthead" that WNHU in West Haven, CT used to play. Basically, it was just some guy ranting about jerks (if I remember right) and calling them buttheads over a pretty standard punk chord progression. It used to run through my head as I walked between classes. I haven't heard the song since, nor have I ever been able to track it down. It was by a band called Chainsaw who I imagine were an obscure little Connecticut band that had more than likely gone to Trod Nossel Studios (the recording studio that nearly every Connecticut band went to), cut a demo, and then paid for a small pressing of singles with their own money. Or maybe it was a bunch of kids who went to the University of New Haven (which owns WNHU) and they recorded this one song a tape, and only a few copies of it ever existed. I really have no idea. I just remember liking that song a ton back then. If I ever heard it on the radio again, I'd be ecstatic (and if anyone reading this post knows the song and how to get a hold of it, I'd sing your praises to the heavens if you passed the information along).


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