Jan. 23rd, 2011

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A Song From A Band I Hate

A friend of mine once surmised that Lee Ving, of Fear, was an out-of-work actor who saw the then new punk scene in LA as a way of making a name for himself and eventually breaking into TV or film. The fact that he did go on to have, if not a successful, at least a somewhat prolific acting career only gives further ammo to that argument. The thing about Fear is that they are so over the top in terms of trying to be offensive and antagonistic, that they almost seem like a parody of punk rock, or like they'd set out to portray the 1980's Hollywood stereotype of what punk is (see the infamous Quincy punk episode or the the punk on the bus in Star Trek IV for reference). Do I hate the band? Sort of. They always struck me as the worst kind of posers, fitting in with the Sid Vicious wannabes and the jocks who saw punk just as an excuse to kick the crap out of someone. At the same time, every time I hear a Fear song, I can't help but feel myself drawn in. Yeah, they're assholes, but they're kind of catchy assholes.


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