Jan. 17th, 2011

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A Song That Reminds Me of Somewhere

In the summer of 1977, when I was six, my family went on a camping trip to Pennsylvania and then down to Virginia Beach. The trip was eventful for a few reasons, one being that my father, who is allergic to bee stings, was stung by one and we had to take him to the hospital, and another being that it was on that trip that Elvis died. It was our time in Virginia Beach, though, that stuck with me most. We went to the beach just about every day, we saw where my grandparents got married and honeymooned for a day or two before my grandfather was shipped out to Ascension Island in World War II, we watched Laurel and Hardy movies at the campground, and on our last day there, I got a giant-sized Star Wars comic book (and man, did I love those giant-sized comic books). I'm assuming that even though it was released in 1972, it must have been played a lot on the radio in 1977 because almost every time I hear Steely Dan's "Reelin' In the Years," I can't help but remember the bright sun and the heat and the sand and the ocean of Virginia Beach. Is it a good song? It is to me, but then again, it's hard to listen objectively to the songs of your childhood. Maybe it's horrid. I really don't know, or really care for that matter (though, as an aside, Jimmy Page has said the guitar solo in this song is his favorite guitar solo ever), nor do I even care what it's really about. I love the guitar, and the harmonies on the chorus, and how the song feels like it's cruising down a road, or riding along the surf at a beach, and how it almost never fails to make me smile.


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