Jan. 11th, 2011

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I recently opened a flickr account where I posted some of photos I scanned this weekend. One set is of a place called Holy Land USA, which is on a tallest hill in Waterbury, CT. Back in the 50's (at least I think it was the 50's) some guy in Waterbury bought up all the land on the top of the hill and began building a replica of the holy land along with recreations of Biblical scenes (Lot's wife, turned into a pillar of salt is there, for instance. It's a four or five foot tall column of crumbling plaster). It also features a giant cross that is lit each night. During its hay day, it was apparently the biggest tourist attraction in the state of Connecticut. When the guy died, he left it to a group of nuns who closed it up and let it fall into disrepair. A friend of mine and I used to go there on occasion and in 1986 we took some photos there, which is what I put up. If you're interested, you can see them here (and if you want to read a more detailed history of the place, you can find that here).

The other set of photos I uploaded were some early forays into the world of special makeup FX (also from 1986). My friend and I were obsessed with horror movies and hoped to one day work on them (which we actually did about a month or two after these were taken when I got us both a job as production assistants on Psychos in Love). Most of these were taken at my mom's house late one Saturday night after my mom had gone to bed. Being bored we decided to raid my mother's makeup kit (and with the refrigerator) to see what we could come up with. One thing we discovered was that mortician's wax doesn't really stick to skin all that well. Another thing we discovered was that toilet paper covered in flesh colored makeup and liberal amounts of ick, made a decent substitute for latex skin. The photos were intended for a fanzine we never put out. Anyway, you can see those here.


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