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I started listening to this record last summer a little bit before the film crew came out to Minneapolis to shoot the interviews I'd set up for Color Me Obsessed. This was the first trip out tothe Twin Cities for the film's director, Gorman, and he wanted to see a show at First Avenue while he was out here and the Black Keys happened to be playing that week so we got tickets. In advance to the show, Gorman sent me Brothers because it was the album they were touring. I listened to it and I liked at the time. But I didn't go crazy about it. Over the past months though, it's grown on my more and more, and I'm finding it's my favorite album of last year, if not one of my favorites of the last several years. There's this raw, nasty sound to it. There's these amazing grooves that get deep down into your body like all the best soul and blues does. On songs like "Next Girl," the guitar is raunchy and mean, and then on songs like "These Days," it sounds heartbreaking in its quiet and simplicity. Really it's an amazing record, and I can't believe that I still like it more each time I hear it again.


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